Gas. And we have gas in our apartment, and you have…

Gas. The story of an ordinary woman from a regular apartment.

— There’s a problem in our driveway.

There’s a lonely grandfather living on the top floor.  Somehow, he gave up very abruptly.

Children, adults, come to see him from time to time, of course. The old man seems to be taking care of himself.

But he became very forgetful.

He abuses alcohol from time to time, he forgets the water in the bathroom, the sink, he floods the lower apartment regularly.

Could have continued to flood his apartment on the stand. But downstairs in the apartment, there are stretch ceilings. Water is periodically drained from the ceiling by the occupants.


It’s kind of scary.

These neighbors are very afraid of forgetting about the gas.

Nobody wants to take off with an apartment.

Trying to get through to Gazenergoset during the day is useless.

Phone numbers do not differ in variety.

All kinds of extensions, but no one’s behind them.

And I wanted to know if under such conditions it is possible to implement measures in the form of gas disconnection from the neighbor?


The thing is, 13 years ago we had a situation where the entrance smelled like gas. And this old lady opened all the taps on the stove. And she was just walking around the apartment.


It’s a good thing the door was opened by her knocking neighbors. And the bell didn’t work for her. Grandma was very surprised.

 — And who did that? I keep thinking about what it smells like! — she was telling her neighbors.

But at the moment, Grandpa’s children didn’t get into trouble. They don’t think to take him back to their place. That’s how he lives on his own.


Called the Gazenergoset, though. Described the situation. They advised me to apply to the Management Company.

In principle, it makes sense. The management company is responsible for the safety of the building. It’s a legal entity. Maybe send a commission to assess the situation. And then, as circumstances dictate.

The second option was suggested by the neighbors — to write a statement to the gasmen.  So the gas can be turned off at Grandpa’s apartment. So it is tantamount to the fact that any disliked neighbor can make a mess and turn off his gas. 

The incapacity can only be established by the court. And that’s what Grandpa is.

Anyway, the neighbor living under grandfather’s apartment decided to start with an application to the Management Company.

Well, and grandfather’s children will be involved in this issue not only by the neighbors.


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