Automatic spirit-raiser – Positive energy emitter!

The positive energy emitter consists of a digital photo frame and photographic artworks depicting images of the world around us, ranging from plants and flowers to landscapes.

The photographic artworks also represent seascapes, the sky, dawns and sunsets, insects and animals recorded on an electronic medium (e.g., memory stick SD 1 Gb or flash-card).

The photo frame displays the photographs on its screen with a preset periodicity, their succession depending on the time parameters, for instance: every 3 sec, 10 sec, 15 sec, 30 sec, 1 min, 15 min, or 1 hour.

Positive energy emitter
Positive energy emitter

The digital photo frame size can be selected depending on its location. For example, if you place the photo frame on an office desk, the smallest size (10 x 15 cm) will be optimal, as if you placed a framed photo of a loved one on your desk. If, on the other hand, you choose a wall-mounted version, the size can be bigger, like a laptop display.

You can install and activate the Emitter on a desk at your office, in your living-room or kitchen at home. It is recommended you place the Emitter in such a way that it «catches your eye» all the time.

You should keep in mind that a person perceives no positive energy while sleeping; moreover, the bright light would interfere with sleep, so installation in the bedroom is not deemed effective.

Positive energy emitter

The Emitter should operate round the clock, because then the effect of non-repetition of the photos will apply, meaning that you will see virtually no recurring images in the photo frame.

For example: if you install the demonstration mode for the Original photographic artworks (500 images) for a 5-minute period, then none of the images will be repeated in the photo frame for nearly two days.

The beauty and varied brightness of the interchanging photos creates the effect of psycho-energetic accumulation of positive emotions. Note that you don’t need to concentrate on the photos.

Glancing at them once in a while for a second will be sufficient. The digital photo frame displays the images regardless of whether you look at them or not, thus allowing the eye to transfer the photo images from the screen directly into the subconscious, imperceptibly for the conscious mind.

After a certain period of time, varying from one person to another, the outlook changes in a positive manner; you begin to have a more relaxed attitude to life around you, adequately meeting the challenges of the outer world, and solving your everyday problems reasonably and in a well-balanced way.

The person then does not take in any external negative energy, because the Emitter produces background protection against it. Within about a month of using the Emitter, car owners nearly stop being nervous and reacting aggressively to other drivers. Their nervous system has become more stress-resistant.

Positive energy emitter

My friends whom I had advised to use the emitter noticed a surge of positive emotions and harmonization of relationships in private life and at work; they felt better and recovered faster after work.

No negative consequences can ensue in principle. This is like a session of aromatherapy or phytotherapy when there is either a positive outcome, or nothing special felt by the person, but definitely and absolutely no negative result.


  1. Do not install the Emitter in the bedroom.
  2. The Emitter may affect some hyper-sensitive persons as an activator of the kind of memories a person doesn’t want to remember.

The photographic artworks to be displayed in the digital photo frame were made from 26.06.2005 to 05.10.2008 in out-of-the-way parts of the Far East. The author of the photos is V.M. Alevetdinov.

Positive energy emitter

Any other photographic artworks can be used in the Emitter if individually selected to have a positive effect on one’s emotional well-being.

The Positive Energy Emitter is a perfect gift for a friend, a significant other, a boss or a colleague.

Perhaps, the positive energy Emitter is just what you missed before, something that can replace medications and bad habits and fill your life with new sensations of warmth and harmony.

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