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Our emotions affect our life

Our Emotions Affect Our Life

List of emotions

Our emotions affect our life and can affect both our immersion into the negative world and our rising to the level of serenity and harmony. These emotional states create an inner sense of everyday life, which is just what governs us, our success or failure, our health, our family happiness, and whatever we need for a happy and positive lifestyle.
Our emotions affect our life

You can select yourself what suits you best. For this purpose, you need to try to study your emotions and learn to control them.

The list of emotions is extensive and hard to complete, but then there is no need to do so, as our emotions vary, interchange, intertwine, disappear, emerge, and all this keeps on happening to us, even though we might never notice it and think that events take place on their own, without our participation of any kind. Actually, the interrelations of our emotions and such events that happen to us are very close but nevertheless inconspicuous.

Thrill Apathy Serenity Indifference Helplessness Impotency Gratuity Vivacity Illumination Guilt Indignation Excitement Enthusiasm Delight Admiration Haughtiness Anger Pride Arrogance Sorrow Sadness Contentment Vexation Drive Pity Care Envy Concern Ingratiation Confusion Self-conceit Shyness Gloating Malice Amazement Interest Irony Fright Rejoicing Slyness Admiration Curiosity Prayer Graveness Hope Disdain Strain Vigilance Imperturbability Resentment Tenderness Awkwardness Impatience Discouragement Offence Hopelessness Anxiety Naughtiness Loathing Grievance Caution Aversion Bewilderment Detachment Aloofness Numbness Melancholy Tearfulness Depression Suspicion Meekness Patronage Impulse Feeling lost Superiority Anticipation Scorn Defiance Inquisitiveness Joy Annoyance Absent-mindedness Dismay Zeal Sarcasm Grievance Boredom Laugher Bashfulness Agitation Discipline Regret Balance Self-consciousness Suffering Fear Pursuit Embarrassment Apprehension Awe Enthrallment Surprise Satisfaction Pleasure Dispiritedness Affection Placidity Despondency Insistence Tiredness Royalty Euphoria Exaltation Ecstasy Vitality Enthusiasm Rage
You can select yourself what suits you best.

On this website, a few positive and very popular emotions with a slight effect are processed. To these, I have subjectively matched my relevant original photos of nature. After having looked through the photos of nature, you can select relevant photos for yourself in accordance with your emotions and then work with them.

Serenity – the state in which one enjoys life to the fullest.

Inspiration – an integral part of a creative person; it is with inspiration that everything we have today has been created by man.

Admiration – the utmost manifestation of joy, the state of being charmed by something or someone.

Sorrow – a negative emotion, a contrary and constituent part of joy; there can be no joy without sorrow.

Tenderness – is specific to a human being only as a result of its thousand-year-old cultural evolution and as proof of its endless ability to self-improve. Tenderness is a partner of love.
These emotional states create an inner sense of everyday life, which is just what governs us

Sadness – sadness is passive. Darwin wrote that sad people do not wish to act, that they like remaining motionless and can sway back and forth sometimes. Sadness occurs in the case of dissatisfaction or loss of something. Sadness is a minute murder of vitality, a small spiritual injury to oneself. Sadness is an expression of ingratitude towards life. Instead of thanking life for what it has given him/her, the saddened person reproaches life for having given too late or for such a short period.

Joy – one of the key positive human emotions, an inner feeling of satisfaction, enjoyment and happiness. Joy is a positive inner motivation of a person. Joy is deemed the opposite of sadness and grievance.

Tranquility – a serene, balanced state of the soul, absence of anxiety, doubt, worry and troubles. Tranquility gives one freedom from fears, complexes and diffidence. Tranquility shows one the way – the path to self-improvement.

Placidity is the happiness of one’s spirit, the state of serenity, quietude and peace of one’s heart. Inner placidity will help you to endure all of the life’s hardships with tranquility and balance. It does not mean that your life will be without problems and disappointments, but you will have the power to overcome and solve these problems with confidence and peace.

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