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Skillbox now offers a 50% discount on design and programming courses. You can also learn the professions of SEO-specialist, SMM-specialist, Learn marketing for entrepreneurs and many other useful and popular . All courses at a 50% discount until the end of the month. You can choose any course at half price.

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Here are some feedback from people who have studied on the Skillbox platform.


Работа художника Хадзиме Сорояма

– I’m a man who has little faith in Internet education.

But still. I was looking for course options and I ran into Skillbox. I listened to a webinar on a topic I was interested in and for free. Only a fool will refuse) For 1.5 hours I learned a lot of useful things, and so continued all summer. It was pleasant, that children and my husband share my interest, instigate me to more serious training. While I was getting used to the new realities of learning and struggling with lack of time, 2 years have passed. Here I was helped by a new job, where free time is enough, and the chief himself recommends to study. There you go. Skillbox и новоя профессия Here I reveal myself as an artist, and no longer an ordinary illustrator with a tablet. I’m learning computer graphics at the age of 40. And I didn’t think I’d rethink all my work while I was studying. I hope that’s true, not my dreams and ego. I was surprised twice: online courses can really teach something, and it’s never too late to do it. Skillbox и новоя, востребованная профессия

– How did I learn for free in Skillbox

I think the headline is intriguing enough.  Well, there you go. I got the opportunity to study at Skillbox as part of a professional development program at the company where I work. At that time we decided to take 1C from the outsourcing and create our own support department. So I got the opportunity to study for free. At first I treated the course lightheartedly, mediocre or something, and in vain in the end everything changed during training.

Skillbox и новоя профессия

During training, I looked at 1C differently. I learned to make complex integration with CRM and any external services. Gained skills of professional software configuration. I understood how to develop and develop a management reporting system, really convenient for our top management and management. Now I have been working for myself for six months. I maintain setup 1C as a private specialist. I train company employees. Everything I know, I know through the course from Skillbox. So I want to thank the teachers on the course. And of course, my former employer, who gave me the opportunity to improve my skills. And to get new knowledge, which now feeds me!

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