Passport. Why are they asking you to take the cover off your passport.


Passport. You can hear it at customs and at the bank, at state institutions,

At a government agency, when crossing the border or at a bank, employees may ask to remove the cover from their passport. Both the ordinary passport and the foreign passport.

If you do it often, the passport and the cover itself wear out more quickly. But such requirements have objective reasons.

First reason

Countering corruption. Why? Because it is convenient to give money to an employee of an agency in a passport. At the same time, the banknotes are put on the cover so that they do not fall out during the handover.

Therefore, the requirement to remove the cover prevents a bribe from being passed on discreetly.

But! Nobody prevents the banknotes from being put inside the passport itself. Therefore, you only need to submit the document itself – nothing extra.

Oh, that memory! Moreover, there are situations when the banknotes appear in the passport by accident. A person may not remember that there is a certain amount in his passport.

Even if the amount is insignificant, it may well be considered a bribe. As a result of inattention, you can get serious problems. And loss of time and nerves in the proceedings.

Second reason


Also, people often keep other documents in their passports, such as driver’s licenses and photos. They will interfere with their work. They’re uncomfortable with passport scanning. Documents can fall out and get lost.

And there will be claims against a bank or customs officer. So to avoid problems, it’s easier for them to ask for the cover to be taken off in advance.

Third reason


Security and fraud prevention.

Bank employees may encounter attempts to perform a transaction with forged documents. Therefore, requests to remove the cover should be treated with understanding and not resented.

Take it off or not?

You still have to remove the cover.

But in this case too there is a way out.

As they say, you can find a way out of any situation.

It’s better to choose a thin and transparent cover. Like on school notebooks and textbooks.

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