House or apartment.There’s no order in the house? How do you fix it?

Give up the habits that make your apartment or house a mess.  And wonder how neat the interior will get. While we prefer to consider ourselves as people with free will, most of our daily life is defined by work, home, family and sleep. We form habits, but not all habits are equally useful.

1. You keep too many things at home and don’t want to get rid of them.

What should I do?

Start hacking around. Put all your things in one pile and then start sorting them according to what you really need. Which you value as a memory.  And what you can throw away or give to charity without regrets. Repeat the procedure room by room once every six months.

House or apartment


2. You’re not finishing what you started. You don’t go over to bath/shower cleaning after you’ve cleaned the bathroom. You hang things up after laundry, but you don’t put them in your places after drying. You vacuumed the living room floor, but the sofa was left untouched.

What to do.

It is better to take a smaller amount of cleaning, taking into account your free time, but to finish the job. A half-time job is almost as effective as if it wasn’t taken. Unfinished cases also have a bad effect on your morale.

3. You keep your cleaners haphazardly in different parts of the house. Not only do you litter the space, but you doom yourself to long search for them while cleaning.

Do what?

Buy a nice bucket or an attractive container for all your cleaning products and store them in the place where they are most needed. For example, you may have one bucket in your bathroom with quick access, and a second one in a familiar place under the kitchen sink.

Desktop, papers, magazines, books.

4. You keep working papers and magazines in a mess on your desktop Desktop Working papers, diaries, magazines, books, all kinds of contracts do not create a mess by themselves, but only as long as they are in an organized order.

What can I do?

Sort out your stacks of waste paper. This workstation in the photo below is an ideal example of systematization of space, which will allow you to work effectively and avoid stress in search of the right records.

House or apartment


5. There are a million spices and jars in the kitchen. It is not difficult to accumulate huge amounts of spices, peppers, spices and sauces, especially if they are stored behind closed kitchen cupboards doors.

A house or an apartment

What do we do?

Sort the supplies. Anything that has reached the end of its shelf life, almost empty bags of spices or, conversely, never intact at all, should be discarded without regret. Then clean the crate and move all bottles and cans to an open shelf where they are visible, arranged in a certain order and ready for use.

Cats, dogs and other favourite pets

6. You let your pets lie on the sofa and bed. By letting your dog sit comfortably on your furniture, you inevitably leave hair, dirt on the upholstery, fabric and underneath.

Do what?

Get your dog his own place to sleep and teach him to use it for his intended purpose.


House or apartment

7. You throw your clothes around in different places in your apartment The clothes left on the back of the chair, lying on the upholstered furniture, create a visual mess.

A house or an apartment

What do you do?

Anything you take off must go straight to the hanger in the closet, be stored in drawers, or go in the dirty laundry basket in the bathroom.

Never, ever leave things hanging on chairs or on the open surfaces of your apartment.

8. You go to bed when you are too tired You know how it is: you read something before going to bed or watching a movie, or you have a table with food and drinks in front of you. After that it is difficult to make yourself clean up, because it is time to go to bed. Books, magazines, glasses and plates stay in the same places you left them until morning.

What should I do?

Always reserve for yourself 10-15 minutes before bed when you can clean up the mess that accumulates during the evening. For example, if you go to bed at 10 p.m., at 9:45 p.m. you should already start cleaning. No one likes to wake up and find a mountain of dirty dishes, a mess at the TV in the morning, etc.


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