Have any of us never taken photographs?

Have any of

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I do not mean numerous photos from birthday parties, weddings and other celebrations.

I am talking about those photographs we take for pleasure.

These may be conventional photos of nature, the sea, the dawn, a lake at dawn or sunset, autumn or rain, plants, flowers and, naturally, snow-covered peaks and the sky. All this not only charges us with positive emotions on a grand scale while taking shots but also leaves a pleasant aftertaste after looking through these photos.

Have any of us never taken photographs?
Have any of us never taken photographs?

When people take such photos, they are trying to convey their feelings and thoughts by means of the camera and film. Such photos seem to be nothing special at first glance, but they nevertheless create serenity. Even physicians say that looking at photographs can calm one down with the same effectiveness as watching fish in an aquarium.

So, because many people enjoy this means of self-expression, nowadays one can find websites where gigabytes of digital information are stored. This is done by those who have experienced the effect of these photos and would like to share it.

Have any of us never taken photographs?
Have any of us never taken photographs?

On my website mymood.ru you can find many interesting photos of nature I have taken since 2005 and, at the same time, simply enjoy the peacefulness and life that are captured there.

For instance, I use photography for therapeutic self-restoration and self-regulation after stressful moments in my life as well as for analysis of my actions, events, thoughts and desires happening inside and outside of me.

Because of my specific personal qualities, it is hard for me to describe my emotions with words, to write them down or draw them, but instead, I am able to express them through my photographs.

Whenever I am in a bad mood or whenever I encounter what seems to me unsolvable problems in my life, depression, stress or just boredom, I take my camera, jump in my car and drive out of the city or simply walk to a public garden near my place and start taking photos of everything I see around me in nature. It helps me to concentrate, restore my normal inner state and think over my problems reasonably and calmly.

But even when everything seems fine, my mood is good, my affairs normal, and I feel comfortable, I go to the country anyway to spend some leisure time there and take more photos.

As a photographer, I try communicating with other people through my emotions and images expressed in my photos.

Have any of us never taken photographs?
Have any of us never taken photographs?

In the wallpaper section of my website, I publish my photos in the form of desktop wallpaper, these being my most significant artworks. I hope then that my photos will be interpreted by other people for their own benefit. Note that for each photo published on my website there are at least ten pictures I never publish.

Nevertheless, a photographer’s truly personal emotions or feelings are not necessarily easy to understand from his or her works. We all have our own individual problems we interpret in our own way.

Have any of

My photos inspire every person looking at them to perceive his or her individual emotions, thus encouraging them to find solutions to individual problems by their own means.

And because I have always been an optimist, you get an inner strength through my photos that lets you find your own solutions to personal problems, and this will consequently affect your life by improving your quality of life.

My photos of nature are open doors into the sunrise, they are the realization of the immensity of the world, they are a warm summer evening, they are a sea storm…

Have any of us never taken photographs?

My photos of nature are therapeutic not only for myself, but for all those who look at them and use them.

My photographs are the peaceful positive power that helps me and all those who use my pictures make our lives better.

Photographs of nature are truly therapeutic. Research shows that interaction with nature improves memory and attention.

Nature stimulates our brain to sharpen attention, which is crucial when living in today’s urban environment. This website is created specifically for getting a charge of positive energy contained in the photographs. Moreover, this website is for thinking people. While looking at the photos, you get infused with positive energy; the photos share it with you and all this is for free.

This is an opportunity to examine one’s inner problems and find ways out of them with no specialists involved.

To look through about a dozen photos is just like having listened to soul-caressing music.

You can copy or download these photos or do anything you like with them, as long as it gives you pleasure. However, if you are going to publish them elsewhere, a reference to this website is advisable.

Therapeutic photos of nature cannot stimulate negative emotions; they facilitate one state of mind or the other that is perceived as some vague memories associated, possibly, with an unpleasant experience in one’s past. But one cannot be constantly in an elated, positive mood; mood swings from sadness to joy occur all the time. So if some landscape or a photo of nature provokes negative emotions in a healthy person, then this is exactly the area in which to conduct possible therapy.

Have any of

If a person strongly dislikes photos of nature, this person must have some hidden, unconscious inner problems that project themselves on this person’s life in various states, from anger to depression, nervousness, etc.

Have any of us never taken photographs?

Regarding the photos of nature as a projection of the mental world state can help one to deal with one’s problems independently — perhaps not as deeply as a specialist would. But if someone tries to study oneself, where one might not be competent enough, then the right time comes and one becomes willing to consult a specialist.

Apart from everything else, photos of nature can help one to look at ordinary, common things from a different viewpoint, thus opening for the person new ways to resolve problems that a person would rather not address to a specialist.

That is, photos of nature, when looked at or taken by someone, can generate various states of mind, either positive or, possibly, negative. For instance, depictions of natural disasters or a specific place might remind a person of something unpleasant, but this is exactly what we need to do – not turn a blind eye on troubles but remember them and afterwards take them into consideration and act accordingly while improving our own lives and the lives of other people.

The photos are divided into albums, 10 photos per album, and the albums are also grouped by 10. Photos on the website have been reduced in size for the purpose of making it easier to see them on the screen. All photos are shown at random, so that you simply look at them without searching. These are just photos.

Victor Alevetdinov

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